The Massive Base and the Fishermen

Well, the base for the rabbit ranger I am working on, no matter what, was too big. To make it work, I would have to add a handful of figures, and still it may not be the right size.  So, a month or so ago, I bought a new base, and I started working on it a couple of days ago, and glued down the foliage last night.


Next up is attaching the figure to the base so I can finish painting him.  His feet need work, and I can’t get to it them until he is removed from the poster-tac.  Now, before I do that, I need to decide if I want to do some freehand on the interior of his cloak.  I do in many ways, but I need a pattern first.  Hmm…


Work on Guild Ball continues.  I am done with most of the team, and I am currently finishing up Kraken.  After Kraken, I need to work on either Shark or Corsair–my captain.  I like the stats/character of Shark, but I am not a fan of the model. Corsair I like the model a lot.  We will see.

I don’t love them, but they are good tabletop.  And in many ways, tabletop has been quite liberating.  I can move on when I normally never would.  There is still work, even for tabletop, that I need to do.  Angel’s nose needs to be fixed (if I had only left it alone).  The mini painter in me wants to continue on them, but I also need to move on to ReaperCon work.  Plus, these will be played with in in a dim room, from 3 feet away.  Tabletop works, and these look good.  They don’t look good blown up on a digital photo.

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Guild Ball

Well, I hadn’t realized it has been this long since I have posted.  I am still plugging away at the Rabbit Ranger.  I have decided that the base I built (see previous entry) is just too big.  I took a fellow painter’s suggestion, and will be building the base differently. I have gotten the base, and now I need to carve out a cave, milliput it, and paint the monster.

Also, I have also joined a Guild Ball league at one of my local FLGS (The Nerd Store).  I am currently working a fisherman team.   Here is what I have done so far (a long way to go).  I have greenstuffed an eyepatch that turned out ok, and I am doing a dark skintone for the first time.




So far, they are coming along, and I hope to have them done by Friday, but that is looking unlikely.  They will be more done than not by then, but that still means that they aren’t done.  The league’s “rules” for Friday is one color.  I have done that.

I have some other stuff on order for a base for the ball, and hopefully I will be building up my goal soon too.

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A Ton of Milliput

This weekend, I put milliput on the base I created.  It took A LOT.  I have never used so much.   I was able to create the jagged rock face that I wanted (well, I still have to pull it off in the painitng area, but I am not too concerned about that).  However, as I have stated before, this base it TOO big.  I staged my rabbit ranger on it last night, and too big doesn’t really begin to describe it.  So, I am left with a dilemma.  Either I add more figures to this base, and I have a few that I would gladly add, or I remake the base smaller.  I don’t really want too, but one of the two things has to happen.  The base with the lone rabbit ranger and the wyrm is just too much dead space.

Some photos of what I did this weekend.

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Sixth Grade Crafts

I started the base last night for the Rabbit Ranger. I have some fine mesh chicken-wire that I mounted (i.e. stapled really hard) to the base. And then I mixed up some paper-mache, and with my wife, we went to town covering the mesh with paper-mache. Next up, is a crap-ton of milliput onto the base. I plan to create a jagged rock-face on one side (hopefully) with the use of cork.



The biggest issue right now, and one that I will not fix, is the base is too big for what I have on it. It doesn’t mean it won’t be good looking, but there is a lot of space for two figures. I will be adding some little ones to add to the flavor/story, but it is still a lot of space. One possibility will be to add the another figure to the hunt. The horned-toad assassin from Dark Sword Miniatures is a potential candidate.

We will see. I expect to start the milliput this weekend.

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Quiet on the Painting Front

Well, it has been to long since I posted last. I am still working on Mr. Giant Dwarf bust, but I keep putting him down. There is a lot of miniature in that miniature. I have also been and returned from Ghengis Con 2016. It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t like Ghengis Cons in the past. I taught only one class — basic basing, and that went ok. I need to change it up for next year if I teach it. More directed and less workshop. The first year I taught it, all went well for workshop, but this year, not so much. So for the next time, I think I will have projects planned out of some manner. I was supposed to teach basic painting, but no one showed. The con overall was quieter, but we still had a lot of interest in painting classes, so that was good. We are still wanted.

In the meantime, I decided I need to paint something smaller and get it done. I am currently working on another Dark Sword piece–The Rabbit Ranger. He is more done than not, and it feels good. Here is so far. Still a lot to finish, but I see the end in sight.




He is done enough that I am starting to consider his base, and I know what I want to do, but I need to start creating it. I think I will be doing some paper-mache for the first time since grade school to start. 😀

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The Beard comes to Shape

This past weekend, I spent Saturday with the other members of the CMPA painting, chatting, and having a good time. I got some good work in on the beard with some help for Kris (one of our seasoned painters here). After fighting with the beard for ahwile, I asked him what he thought, and he had the same idea I had, but I hadn’t done it yet. So, after chatting I did it. I sketched on the highlights (quite bold and un-blended), and then washed them down. I did that a couple of times, and the beard is coming to shape, but it has a long way to go. I also ended up washing a deep orange onto the beard which also helped with its depth and “realism.” It has a long way to go still, and there are still quite few spots that have sketched on highlights that need to be toned down. I think I am going to work on his bling next on that beard to help break it up, and to give me more of direction of what is beard and what is not, and to see how the the bling breaks it up.

I hope to get some work in on Suday, but I think I am also going to work on another piece while I work on this one for a bit a of a break in-between the “beardiness.”



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So … much …. hair…

This past Friday, I went to Greeley Paint Group at the Nerd Store. Very, very low turn-out, but I got some quality time with Synjinn and Volkon’s hair. I am starting to discover that hair, for me at least, is an area that I really need to work on (at least at this scale). So far, I am not too happy with what I have, but I also have to realize that I have a lot of work to do still on it, and it is clearly in that UGLY phase that all miniatures go through. Progress so far:



I am most happy with the progress on the back, but at the same time, it is too “stripey” at the moment. I need even it out, and I need to work on the deep shadows still. Tonight I think I might take a shot of him and convert it to black and white to see the levels. I am very please with the face, and I am please with some of the highlights on the back, but the different shades of brown I think are just a bit too much. It is kind all over the place. I know how hair looks highlighted, and this isn’t it, but also this isn’t reality. It is a miniature. It is a balancing act, and I am still finding my balance.

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Volkon’s Face

I have been working on Volkon’s face (and some of his arm and hair), but mainly his face. So far I am quite happy with the face. Very happy. Still work to do on it, but it is more done than not. The arm needs a lot of work, but it will stay put probably until the beard is tackled. I will be working on it a couple hours tonight at Greeley Paint Group.



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Volkon Begins….

So after playing around a bit more with my Margery Tyrell from Dark Sword, and being utterly frustrated after looking at her using my opti-visor (paint was chunky in places with some bits in it). Quite frustrating as from a distance, she looks great. I am undecided what I am going to do with her. She is so TINY. I like her as long as I don’t examine her really close-up. I think I may finish her up in the state she is in and call it a lesson.

I started on Volkon last night. I based the the beard in Vajello burgundy. I am not sure where I am going with it other that I know it it will be brown. I am not sure where my highlights will go. Will it be a light brown or a red? Not sure yet. I should paint the hair first. I really should as it is the dominant feature on him, but I decided I wanted to work on a area to at least mostly finish if not finish, so I worked on the flesh. After Alfonso’s class, I decide to try making my own flesh-tone.


This is after a bit darkening for a shadow tone, but it appears it may be a bit too orange. There is orange, white, green, yellow, and a bit a grey in that skintone (for the dwarfiness). It doesn’t look too bad, but it needs something yet. I am not sure. He has a long way to go, so I am not too concerned yet. Here is some pictures of what I have so far. I have blocked in some areas for a dark shadow with with a deep brown. For loving this model so much, I am quite lost where I want to take him. I am toying around with the idea of OSL on the left-side with the axe. I will have to see. I don’t think it really fits the model/dwarfs.



It is too bad that the arm shots are bad. Here is another one that you can clearly see the blocking in of the shadow that I took with the flash accidentally on.


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Volkon Lostblood — Sketches

Well, as I do, I disappeared from the blog-o-sphere for way too long.  As I also do, once back from a marathon painting session/workshop, I am fired-up to paint again.  I just returned from a workshop with Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes, but more on that later.  It was great.  I will say that.

Up next for me I think is Volkon Lostblood:


Tonight, I mocked up a bunch of ideas for color schemes.  I don’t love any of them, but some I am not a big fan of.

This one, I like the blonde, but not sure if I want pull this off.  I am a fan of the teal armor and the orange (glowing more than likely) highlights on the armor.


Second.  Christmas, your name is Volkon.  Not a fan.  The red, I don’t hate, but it would be a much deeper red if I went for that.


Third.  I do like the black beard, but the yellow and purple I think are a bit too much.  But I like the somewhat sinister look he has with the dark beard.


Fourth.  I think this may be my favorite, and I may use this one, but swap in the black beard.  The axe would be a silver of some sort.


Thoughts if any of you read this intermittent blog?  They would be appreciated.

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