In which skippen tries to blog…

This is an experiment for me this year.  I want to write more.  I used to write in Junior High and High School, but as the years have progressed, I have stopped that.  I always enjoyed the process of writing, but for some reason (college, work) I just quite.  Maybe it was frustration of not being able to work in the field I studied (English), or maybe it is because I am not a writer at my heart.  Regardless, I am going to try and blog this year.  What am I going to blog?  Whatever I would like is the answer, but the crux of this blog is going to be this:

This year I am going to try something bold.  I am going to make a resolution (which I have never done before) to try and read 50 books in a year.  That is almost a book a week.  That is pretty ambitious for me.  I don’t tend to read a book a week, so ultimately, I think I am doomed.  However, I am still going to try.  I go in reading bouts and fits where I read tons, and then I get to a point where I stop reading for a month or two, and then start up again.  So the idea that I can read 50 books in a year an ambitious goal that I am going to attempt.  Wish me luck.

I will post more here than just reading (I hope).  I want to improve my writing, and to do that is simple–write more and and write more often.  I wan to improve both fiction and non-fiction writing (reviews mainly), and to do that, I just need to write.  I have always thought I might like to be a novelist/short story writer, but considering the fact that I never have this driving NEED to write, I have my doubts.  Every writer I have met and chatted with has told me or others in no certain terms that they have a drive to write.  They cannot consider not writing.  It is part of who they are.  I have never had that driving need, but I do know you can be a writer without that driving force.  So here I go.  One post down, hopefully more to come.

About skippen

A gamer, a painter, and a reader.
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3 Responses to In which skippen tries to blog…

  1. dogearedcopy says:

    Hi Skippen!

    I saw your comment over on a goodreads/BOTNS post and decided to pop on over to say, “Hi!” I’m looking forward to your reviews/comments. Good luck with your “50 in 2012!”


  2. skippen says:

    Glad to have a single follower! I will try to not disappoint!


  3. Too bad I didn’t see this back when you started; I might have tried to keep up with you. My book review site has only had 9 posts this year :p (Granted, I’m currently reading mostly technical books)


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