Book #5: Shadows Linger

I am moving along nicely here with my goal.  I still think it is quite daunting, and unlikely to happen, but I can only try.  The fifth book of my yearly endeavor is Shadows Linger, by Glen Cook.  I read The Black Company 4 – 5 years ago, and now I wish I had picked up Shadows Linger a bit quicker.  Shadows Linger, although a nice, light read in the fantasy genre.

Shadows Linger read exactly what it is–a middle of the trilogy book.  I started this book many years ago.  When I picked this up to read it this last time, I noticed I had a bookmark in it, and I was well over half way done with it.  I probably only needed to read another 100 pages or less.  Why did I put it down?  I am not sure.  I have a vague remembrance of just not being involved with it then.  Whatever the reason, I enjoyed this go around.

However, as I said, this is a middle-of-a-trilogy book.  Nothing is resolved, and our “heroes” are in worse shape than they were before.  So, The White Rose is going to be read fairly soon.

I wish I had discovered Glen Cook in the 80s when these came out. He would have been refreshing. I love fantasy. I do. It is my favorite genre, but most books have the same plot: world is dying, motley crew assembles, go get something, kill the bad guy. Which I am fine with, but it is nice to see fantasy authors like Gemmel, Feist, Martin, Erikson, and many others now, that just have stories set in a fantasy world with no questing–sword and sorcery as some would say as opposed to epic fantasy.


And lastly, I must say, look above.  That cover art is hideous.  It really is.


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