Book #12: Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb has become one of my favorite writers in this last year.  I have now read 4 of her books, and despite their length, I really can’t get enough of her writing.  I started Royal Assassin last year, and for some reason I took a break.  I probably did because I started it right after Ship of Destiny by Hobb as well.  And even though I enjoy them, reading large book after each other, I tend to fall short and get distracted.

I picked it up again, and after just reading a few pages, I wondered why I did so.  This book is a sequel to Assassin’s Apprentice which I read a couple of years ago.  I had enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as her other books.  I have a feeling that if I were to re-read it my opinion would change.  Her stye of writing in the Farseer Trilogy takes some getting used to.  I often call this type of writing as dense.  You can’t just read these books while doing something else.  They do require you to be invested in them.

Unlike the first, this book does not end.  It has a conclusion, but the story is far from over when you finish this book.  What I really like about this series (and this book) is Hobb is just phenomenal in writing characters.  I have read lots of fantasy, and I have enjoyed most of it, but characterization in fantasy is often lacking.  Characters, although interesting, often do not change and grow in most fantasy novels I have read.  In Hobb’s books, characterization is central.  We have watched FitzChivalry grow from boy to young adult, and have lived through his good and bad decisions.

This a great book, and it is not often that reading a book makes me want to revisit the first book in the trilogy, but this one does.  I won’t, but the desire is there.  I just don’t have the reading time in life to re-read books.  Maybe in the future, but not anytime soon.  When this book ended, I was sad that that part of the story is done.

I have started to read the next one in the trilogy, and the greatness continues.  Hobb will remain on my authors to read list for a long time.

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