HMGS Inc. Hobby University

Recently, on Facebook, HMGS Inc. Hobby University  ( ran a contest to win a Hangar 18 photo backdrop (  Amazingly, I won.  I was quite excited as these photo backdrops are quite nice.  I have the pleasure to know the folks who run Hangar 18, and I actually have one of their backdrops. I tried the new one out tonight, and it appears that it actually might be the better backdrop for miniature display. The other backdrop is fine, but this one, being dark, seems to “bring out” the mini a bit more. See below:

Mini with the new backdrop

Mini with the new backdrop

What do you think? I will switch between the two for sure. My other backdrop (featured in the other pictures on this blog) is a bit larger. However, I like both. Once again thanks to HMGS Inc. Hobby University and Hangar 18.

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2 Responses to HMGS Inc. Hobby University

  1. Jay Adan says:

    This photo is better than the other photos on the site, but I think it’s primarily because in this one the backdrop isn’t affecting your shot. The mini and the background are about the same brightness so the camera exposed it perfectly. In the other photos the camera seems to be having difficulty figuring out how to expose making the shots overall more dark.


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