This past Tuesday, I received and/or bought quite a few items for painting. I received my order from http://www.coloradominiatures.com of the following:

From Scale 75:

NMM Gold Paint Set — ready for both airbrush and paintbrush. I am hoping it will help me learn to do some NMM. However, first I need to get better at blending.
NMM Steel Paint Set
Kitty Reimer — the Kitty Reimer model, first off, was in metal. I did not expect that. Second, my wife didn’t hate it as much as I though she would. Thirdly, she is going to be a pain in the ass to put together. Her head and torso are fine, but the rest of her dress is quite heavy and dry fitting it last night, it was not a good fit, and I could not see anywhere that it could easily be pinned. I will put up some pictures later this week I think.

Also, from my FLGs, Haunted Games Cafe, I bought the following:

Axis Gorillas from Dust Tactics (I just liked the models and they were on clearance)
And in that glare, Rasputina from Wyrd miniatures. I really like that model, and although I don’t play Malifaux (would like too though), I just want to paint her up. I do have a crew of The Guild that I will get too someday. So many projects!


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4 Responses to Purchases

  1. Lili says:

    I’d love to see the paint set. Bring it with you on Saturday?


  2. I got the paint sets a few weeks ago (ordered from figone.fr), and I’ve been really happy with them. I hadn’t been happy with any of my gold recipes for a while, and the ScaleColour set is pretty nice.


    • skippen says:

      That’s good to hear. What recipe are you using with the new set? Or is it quite complicated as you are very good at NMM. I took your class a few years ago, and I wasn’t ready. My paint mixing needs work. I know how to blend, but stepping my colors is the hardest part for me.


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