It’s just a Blood Bowl Team

This weekend was the 2nd Saturday meetup for the CMPA. This is a bunch of great gals and guys to hang out with and paint. The talent level in this group is just astounding, and if you ever happen to go to Reaper Con (or even our local cons) they are often the teachers there. Now, from my point of view, at times it is depressing as their talent level far exceeds mine, but seeing what they can do can push me to do better. I know, like many don’t seem to, that it is really just a matter of practice, and I just need more practice. We all want to paint like the pros, but many of us just don’t paint enough to get better. I am attempting to remedy that.

This weekend I work on my Black Scorpion miniatures Blood Bow dwarf team. I really like the sculpts of these figures (minus the completely naked slayers–yes, they are anatomically correct). However, I think I am going to hold off on any other purchases from Black Scorpion. Although the sculpts are great, the casting is terrible.


I have spent at least 3 hours already cleaning and prepping this team. I thought they were in a decent amount of shape to paint, but as I painted on Saturday, I noticed how much I missed. These guys take TONS of work to clean up. I have cleaned mold lines, evened out, scraped a lot off of them, and I thought they were good. But they look crap-tastic. I had to tell myself over and over “this is just a Blood Bowl team. They are going to be played with, knocked-down, and played with. Hopefully a lot.” The aspiring artist/painter in me tells me I need to clean these more. I am not going to, because it is not just a little bit of work. It is a lot. Cleaning miniatures, for me, has always been bad. No matter how much work I put in them, after priming, after starting to paint, I find more. Always more. I know I don’t clean them as much as some, but my eyes don’t see mold lines as well as some others I guess. I need to just move on and forget the mold lines, rough spots, but it is hard.

Tonight, for those local reading this, at Haunted Games Cafe in Ft. Collins we will be meeting and painting at 6:00 PM. I hope to see some people out there. Remember, everyone can paint, everyone can get better, there is always someone better than you, and everyone can improve. Just have fun!

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