First Attempts at Gold NMM

This weekend, and a bit tonight, I attempted my first NMM.  Below you will see the pictures.  I am not entirely displeased with the effort.  Of course, compared to my fellow local painters, it is just crap, but you have to start somewhere.  I know, in this case, my paint, many times, was way to watery, thus causing the paint to be a bit chalky.  This does look decent at tabletop level.  The contrast is not there, and the blending needs work (plus the base color is a tad splotchy).  Of course, like all minis except those very top level ones, looks much better from a distance and not blown-up to huge proportions like this one.  I used the Scale 75 Gold NMM set, and so far I really like this paint.  This is one of the treasure chests from Super Dungeon Explore.

PS…..As I look at these pictures again, all big-like, they just look terrible.  Terrible.


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