Dwarf armies and Blood Bowl Continued ….

Well, I have been painting.  I have started, for the first time, to concentrate on an army.  I am committing to my dwarf army, but right now, I am having trouble with the paint scheme.  I know what I want one of my colors to be (old GW Hawk Torquise), but the accents are throwing me right now.  I will have a couple of pictures up of test minis that I have been doing.  I bought a lot of the dwarf warriors that I am working on second-hand.  I thought that they had been cleaned up, but alas, no, so I need to file down some mold lines and such.

For some reason, I love dwarfs, but I will admit, these dwarf warrior models from GW, could use some work.  The capes are terrible.  What should be a the backside of a cape is solid plastic.  They don’t look terrible, but the could be better.  I have read that a new dwarf books could be here in January 2014.  We will see.  It has been 7 years since the last book in 2006.  I will work on this.  I will finish this.  Will I get to play?  I don’t know.

Last night I got together with another local painter and we painted at Haunted Games Cafe in Ft. Collins.  I planned to finish up some stuff for my Dreadfleet game (and about 70% done with it), but I left it all at home.  Luckily, I had my Blood Bowl team with me.  I am still not very happy with the models, but I worked on the trollslayers last night, and I am least liking my paint job on those.  You know you are a dwarf fan when you are shading a dwarf butt-crack. 😀
The upcoming holiday, I have a few days home alone.  I hope to get some painting done and excavate under the stairs and organize all my mini stuff under there.  Also, today I should be receiving my shipment of Bones from Reaper.  Many, many minis headed my way.

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