The New Year

Welcome 2014.  Sadly, I was very good about blogging for a a month or two, but I have slackened off.  Hopefully, I will change that.  The desire is there, but I just often don’t get to it.  Well, here’s to trying harder.

Ghengis Con is coming up very soon, and, sadly, I doubt I will have a new entry.  I probably will enter my dwarf I finished awhile ago, so I have something, and I will try to finish the figure(s) that I am currently working  on, but I don’t expect that.  I have, like many painters, painter ADD.  I have way too many projects going at once, and I don’t seem to finish any of them.

For Ghengis, I wanted to enter the Alice in Wonderland contest that Hangar 18 is sponsoring, but my Alice that I wish to try has many issues (came broken at the foot is the main issue), and I don’t expect to finish that one.  However, my biggest obligation is for ReaperCon and the CMPA’s group entry.  I have a cowgirl to start and finish.  I will be starting her very soon.

I will update later with pictures, but I have been making some decent progress on some Super Dungeon Explore Caverns of Roxxor figures….

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