After a long absence….

Well, it is hard to get a following on a blog when you never write.  That is my fault, and, again, I will try to amend this.  My friend started a blog a few years ago, and through consistent posting, he has a good following (and he has good stuff to say).

Ghengis Con 2015  has come and gone.  This year was fun for me as I taught for the first time.  It was a bit stressful as I worried about how to fill 2 hours.  I taught 3 classes this time around (2 basic and basic basing).   I was worried most about basing, and that one went the best for me.

But, Ghengis.  I entered two figures this year.  A Dark Sword miniature and a Gimli.  I entered them both as single miniatures, but at the last moment, I moved Gimli to diorama/vignette as only your best mini will get consideration per category, and I felt the mage was best.

As expected, I didn’t place in single miniature, but from what I understand, I did make first cut, and that is progress!  So I am happy. Plus, I am very happy with that figure.

Here she is….



I am very happy with her, but I got feedback from a fellow painter after the competition, and I have a LOT to improve on.  But with each successive year, I have improved, and that is all I can hope for.  It is weird being a state now with  my painting that I am becoming happy with projects.  It is a nice place to be in.


Now on to Gimli.  Gimli took 3rd in its category!  Yeah!




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