The Beard!

The Grudge continues to make slow progress.  The beard is giving me fits.  I just can’t get the grey right.  It just doesn’t seem to “look” right.  I have gotten good advice from a couple of sources, and I am trying those out right now.  I have added more white, and that appears to be working, but I am not sure what I am going to do here.  I may end up changing the primary color to auburn, and then added grey to that.  I want him to be a grizzled, senior warrior, but I may go insane if I can’t get some progress on his beard/hair soon.  I won’t have a ton of time to work on him this weekend, but I hope to either make progress or start on a new color.  I put some brown/aubrun on the back of his head last night to see what that may look like, and I am unsure.  I think the size of this bust might be throwing me as well.  He is bigger, so the  highlights and shadows will be different.  The contrast doesn’t probably have to be as intense.

Some pictures of what was done last Friday.


wpid-wp-1425348673041.jpg wpid-wp-1425348707381.jpg

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