Troll Slayer

As the title would suggest, I am a fan of dwarfs (or dwarves).  Recently, I picked up the Trollslayer bust from

From the painted image on CoolMiniorNot:

I am still not sold on the “look” of this guy, but, regardless, I think he will both be fun to paint, and a learning experience in painting when I do get around to him. The amount of flesh will teach me a lot about flesh tones. Plus, I may venture into the world of tattoos with this one.

The packaging for this one is quite nice as well. He came in a small metal tin.



I have only glanced at the bust itself, but the quick glace was good. It appears to be a very clean cast with very few mold lines.  I can’t wait to get to work on him, but he is further down on the list of items to finish.  I must first finish The Grudge, and I hope to make some good progress on that dang beard this weekend at Paint Group.


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