ReaperCon Entries

I was not going to go to my first ReaperCon and not enter something, and I wanted to enter something new. I started on The Grudge quite awhile ago, and it ended up being both my first bust and a difficult piece. The beard in particular was hard. In the end, I ended up entering three items–2 in painters (Resting Mage, The Grudge), and 1 in diorama (Gimli on a Urak-Hai). Only two of the pieces would ended being judged as only your better piece will be judged in a category that you have entered more than one piece. The Grudge was chosen over Resting Mage. He was chosen because he was the more difficult piece and hopefully, better painted overall.

On to the entries. First, The Grudge as it has never been posted finished. I will tweak him a bit more when I have a bit more umph.


and I asked the sculptur, Jason Wiebe to sign the side of my piece. He did not find it too offensive, so he obliged me. 😀

The Grudge signed by Jason Wiebe

The Grudge signed by Jason Wiebe

Additionally, I entered my Resting Mage from Dark Sword Miniatures with a few improvements from when I entered her at Ghengis Con (she is significantly better IMO). Here is an older photo.


And the oft seen Gimli.


In the end, I ended up with two bronzes, and I would be lying if I told you I was happy. I expected The Grudge to hopefully get a Silver, but alas he got a bronze. He got what is called a high bronze, but a bronze nonetheless. The feedback from the judges was all legitimate, and, well, lessons learned. Gimli got and deserved no higher than a bronze.

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