Ben Grimm, aka The Thing

Well, after having returned from the high that is ReaperCon, and then recovering from Con Crud, I have started working again on Ben Grimm, aka The Thing again from Knight Models.  I had hopes of maybe bringing him to ReaperCon, but The Grudge ended up taking a lot longer than I expected, and I dwaddled for a month and lost a lot of precious time.

When I first saw Knight Model’s The Thing, I wanted it immediately.  I missed out on the few Star Wars miniatures that they did, and I am sad, so I am glad to see the Marvel line seems to be going strong.  I had some trepidation as others in my group have had bad some bad luck with Knight Model’s castings–slipped molds, terrible mold lines.  Thing did not have any of these issues, but, in all truth, he is not nearly as complicated as as most other models.  He is a bug chunk of rock with blue eyes.

Here is what I have worked on so far (some progress was made this weekend as 3rd Saturday meetup–more on that later).


So far, I have enjoyed working on him, but he is a BIG chunk of metal, and I have had a hard time with him.  Each and every time I have transported him, he has lost paint.  Partly due to his weight (hence the big chunks of primer you see), and partly due to the terrible way I have mounted him in that above picture.  I have since improved that greatly, he has finally moved without being damaged–partly as I stood him up and I didn’t pack with other models that shifted.  I will probably put a sealer on him though.

Here is the base I am working on.  It is supposed to, once painted, represent asphalt. I am still working out how I am going to pull that off.  I will probably browse Clever Crow’s albums for some ideas.


And here his is mocked up on the base, primed.


He floats a bit on the base (this always seems to happen to me no matter how much planning I do ahead of time).  I hope to sculpt/paint up a license plate to stick under his foot, and I think I am going to put a broken street sign (Yancy St.) near him.  Not sure yet.  I also think I am going to sculpt up a miniature cigar for him since he often has one, but I will have ot see how it looks in his mouth as he wasn’t sculpted that way.

On the base itself, I am going to attempt my first use of weather pigments on the pipes you see on the base.  As I posted earlier, I took a hands-on pigments class with Justin McCoy (misterjustin on YouTube), and I thoroughly enjoyed it–although it cost me some cash.  After his class, I obtained a few pigments:


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