Yancy Street

Last night I got the chance to work a bit on the base for Mr. Grimm. I am going for a concrete/blacktop look. I am not sure if I am pulling that off or not yet, but I am not unhappy with the results yet. The base needs more elements for sure, and I am not sure what they will be. I will be adding (not sure how yet) a street sign for Yancy Street (either ruined or fully upright). But it will need more after that. For me, the busier the base, the better.

Some shots:



I also tried out Secret Weapon Miniatures pigments for the first time since taking the class on how to use/apply them at ReaperCon. They didn’t turn out too badly (need to do some cleanup in areas around it), but they were harder to apply on the brass rods than they were on the resin bases. The look isn’t too bad, but I am not sold yet (might need more). Some shots:



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2 Responses to Yancy Street

  1. I think its coming along really nicely. Although it looks like your strips may not be the same width. The cracking of the pavement is excellent.


    • skippen says:

      Yep, they are not (sadly) the same width. I think I have “fixed” them a bit by some more weathering. Thanks for the feedback on the concrete. I was wondering how it came out.


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