Volkon Lostblood — Sketches

Well, as I do, I disappeared from the blog-o-sphere for way too long.  As I also do, once back from a marathon painting session/workshop, I am fired-up to paint again.  I just returned from a workshop with Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes, but more on that later.  It was great.  I will say that.

Up next for me I think is Volkon Lostblood:


Tonight, I mocked up a bunch of ideas for color schemes.  I don’t love any of them, but some I am not a big fan of.

This one, I like the blonde, but not sure if I want pull this off.  I am a fan of the teal armor and the orange (glowing more than likely) highlights on the armor.


Second.  Christmas, your name is Volkon.  Not a fan.  The red, I don’t hate, but it would be a much deeper red if I went for that.


Third.  I do like the black beard, but the yellow and purple I think are a bit too much.  But I like the somewhat sinister look he has with the dark beard.


Fourth.  I think this may be my favorite, and I may use this one, but swap in the black beard.  The axe would be a silver of some sort.


Thoughts if any of you read this intermittent blog?  They would be appreciated.

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