Sixth Grade Crafts

I started the base last night for the Rabbit Ranger. I have some fine mesh chicken-wire that I mounted (i.e. stapled really hard) to the base. And then I mixed up some paper-mache, and with my wife, we went to town covering the mesh with paper-mache. Next up, is a crap-ton of milliput onto the base. I plan to create a jagged rock-face on one side (hopefully) with the use of cork.



The biggest issue right now, and one that I will not fix, is the base is too big for what I have on it. It doesn’t mean it won’t be good looking, but there is a lot of space for two figures. I will be adding some little ones to add to the flavor/story, but it is still a lot of space. One possibility will be to add the another figure to the hunt. The horned-toad assassin from Dark Sword Miniatures is a potential candidate.

We will see. I expect to start the milliput this weekend.

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