A Ton of Milliput

This weekend, I put milliput on the base I created.  It took A LOT.  I have never used so much.   I was able to create the jagged rock face that I wanted (well, I still have to pull it off in the painitng area, but I am not too concerned about that).  However, as I have stated before, this base it TOO big.  I staged my rabbit ranger on it last night, and too big doesn’t really begin to describe it.  So, I am left with a dilemma.  Either I add more figures to this base, and I have a few that I would gladly add, or I remake the base smaller.  I don’t really want too, but one of the two things has to happen.  The base with the lone rabbit ranger and the wyrm is just too much dead space.

Some photos of what I did this weekend.

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