The Massive Base and the Fishermen

Well, the base for the rabbit ranger I am working on, no matter what, was too big. To make it work, I would have to add a handful of figures, and still it may not be the right size.  So, a month or so ago, I bought a new base, and I started working on it a couple of days ago, and glued down the foliage last night.


Next up is attaching the figure to the base so I can finish painting him.  His feet need work, and I can’t get to it them until he is removed from the poster-tac.  Now, before I do that, I need to decide if I want to do some freehand on the interior of his cloak.  I do in many ways, but I need a pattern first.  Hmm…


Work on Guild Ball continues.  I am done with most of the team, and I am currently finishing up Kraken.  After Kraken, I need to work on either Shark or Corsair–my captain.  I like the stats/character of Shark, but I am not a fan of the model. Corsair I like the model a lot.  We will see.

I don’t love them, but they are good tabletop.  And in many ways, tabletop has been quite liberating.  I can move on when I normally never would.  There is still work, even for tabletop, that I need to do.  Angel’s nose needs to be fixed (if I had only left it alone).  The mini painter in me wants to continue on them, but I also need to move on to ReaperCon work.  Plus, these will be played with in in a dim room, from 3 feet away.  Tabletop works, and these look good.  They don’t look good blown up on a digital photo.

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