Volkon’s Face

I have been working on Volkon’s face (and some of his arm and hair), but mainly his face. So far I am quite happy with the face. Very happy. Still work to do on it, but it is more done than not. The arm needs a lot of work, but it will stay put probably until the beard is tackled. I will be working on it a couple hours tonight at Greeley Paint Group.



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Volkon Begins….

So after playing around a bit more with my Margery Tyrell from Dark Sword, and being utterly frustrated after looking at her using my opti-visor (paint was chunky in places with some bits in it). Quite frustrating as from a distance, she looks great. I am undecided what I am going to do with her. She is so TINY. I like her as long as I don’t examine her really close-up. I think I may finish her up in the state she is in and call it a lesson.

I started on Volkon last night. I based the the beard in Vajello burgundy. I am not sure where I am going with it other that I know it it will be brown. I am not sure where my highlights will go. Will it be a light brown or a red? Not sure yet. I should paint the hair first. I really should as it is the dominant feature on him, but I decided I wanted to work on a area to at least mostly finish if not finish, so I worked on the flesh. After Alfonso’s class, I decide to try making my own flesh-tone.


This is after a bit darkening for a shadow tone, but it appears it may be a bit too orange. There is orange, white, green, yellow, and a bit a grey in that skintone (for the dwarfiness). It doesn’t look too bad, but it needs something yet. I am not sure. He has a long way to go, so I am not too concerned yet. Here is some pictures of what I have so far. I have blocked in some areas for a dark shadow with with a deep brown. For loving this model so much, I am quite lost where I want to take him. I am toying around with the idea of OSL on the left-side with the axe. I will have to see. I don’t think it really fits the model/dwarfs.



It is too bad that the arm shots are bad. Here is another one that you can clearly see the blocking in of the shadow that I took with the flash accidentally on.


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Volkon Lostblood — Sketches

Well, as I do, I disappeared from the blog-o-sphere for way too long.  As I also do, once back from a marathon painting session/workshop, I am fired-up to paint again.  I just returned from a workshop with Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes, but more on that later.  It was great.  I will say that.

Up next for me I think is Volkon Lostblood:


Tonight, I mocked up a bunch of ideas for color schemes.  I don’t love any of them, but some I am not a big fan of.

This one, I like the blonde, but not sure if I want pull this off.  I am a fan of the teal armor and the orange (glowing more than likely) highlights on the armor.


Second.  Christmas, your name is Volkon.  Not a fan.  The red, I don’t hate, but it would be a much deeper red if I went for that.


Third.  I do like the black beard, but the yellow and purple I think are a bit too much.  But I like the somewhat sinister look he has with the dark beard.


Fourth.  I think this may be my favorite, and I may use this one, but swap in the black beard.  The axe would be a silver of some sort.


Thoughts if any of you read this intermittent blog?  They would be appreciated.

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A Tiny box for Tiny People

Last weekend, my wife and I make a trip to Ikea to get a display cabinet for my miniatures and the beaver figurines I collect (more on those later–stop with the jokes).


Overall, doesn’t look too bad, but as we assembled it (no minor task), I realized it is bit too small to hold the entire collection of beaver figurines, but it will have no problem with all of my painted miniatures–I don’t have lots of those.

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Yancy Street

Last night I got the chance to work a bit on the base for Mr. Grimm. I am going for a concrete/blacktop look. I am not sure if I am pulling that off or not yet, but I am not unhappy with the results yet. The base needs more elements for sure, and I am not sure what they will be. I will be adding (not sure how yet) a street sign for Yancy Street (either ruined or fully upright). But it will need more after that. For me, the busier the base, the better.

Some shots:



I also tried out Secret Weapon Miniatures pigments for the first time since taking the class on how to use/apply them at ReaperCon. They didn’t turn out too badly (need to do some cleanup in areas around it), but they were harder to apply on the brass rods than they were on the resin bases. The look isn’t too bad, but I am not sold yet (might need more). Some shots:



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A bit more work on Ben

A bit more work on Ben last night. After much debate, I decided to go with the white trim on the trunks instead of the dark, dark blue look for mere contrast, and I am happy with that. Last night I did a black wash to fill in the cracks of the rocks for some more contrast, wiped the excess away (first time I have done that), but my desired result was not really achieved. He is WAY too dark now, so I will need to go back and lighten him up. And the 4 on his belt, well that is just sad looking right now.


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Ben Grimm, aka The Thing

Well, after having returned from the high that is ReaperCon, and then recovering from Con Crud, I have started working again on Ben Grimm, aka The Thing again from Knight Models.  I had hopes of maybe bringing him to ReaperCon, but The Grudge ended up taking a lot longer than I expected, and I dwaddled for a month and lost a lot of precious time.

When I first saw Knight Model’s The Thing, I wanted it immediately.  I missed out on the few Star Wars miniatures that they did, and I am sad, so I am glad to see the Marvel line seems to be going strong.  I had some trepidation as others in my group have had bad some bad luck with Knight Model’s castings–slipped molds, terrible mold lines.  Thing did not have any of these issues, but, in all truth, he is not nearly as complicated as as most other models.  He is a bug chunk of rock with blue eyes.

Here is what I have worked on so far (some progress was made this weekend as 3rd Saturday meetup–more on that later).


So far, I have enjoyed working on him, but he is a BIG chunk of metal, and I have had a hard time with him.  Each and every time I have transported him, he has lost paint.  Partly due to his weight (hence the big chunks of primer you see), and partly due to the terrible way I have mounted him in that above picture.  I have since improved that greatly, he has finally moved without being damaged–partly as I stood him up and I didn’t pack with other models that shifted.  I will probably put a sealer on him though.

Here is the base I am working on.  It is supposed to, once painted, represent asphalt. I am still working out how I am going to pull that off.  I will probably browse Clever Crow’s albums for some ideas.


And here his is mocked up on the base, primed.


He floats a bit on the base (this always seems to happen to me no matter how much planning I do ahead of time).  I hope to sculpt/paint up a license plate to stick under his foot, and I think I am going to put a broken street sign (Yancy St.) near him.  Not sure yet.  I also think I am going to sculpt up a miniature cigar for him since he often has one, but I will have ot see how it looks in his mouth as he wasn’t sculpted that way.

On the base itself, I am going to attempt my first use of weather pigments on the pipes you see on the base.  As I posted earlier, I took a hands-on pigments class with Justin McCoy (misterjustin on YouTube), and I thoroughly enjoyed it–although it cost me some cash.  After his class, I obtained a few pigments:


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