Dwarf armies and Blood Bowl Continued ….

Well, I have been painting.  I have started, for the first time, to concentrate on an army.  I am committing to my dwarf army, but right now, I am having trouble with the paint scheme.  I know what I want one of my colors to be (old GW Hawk Torquise), but the accents are throwing me right now.  I will have a couple of pictures up of test minis that I have been doing.  I bought a lot of the dwarf warriors that I am working on second-hand.  I thought that they had been cleaned up, but alas, no, so I need to file down some mold lines and such.

For some reason, I love dwarfs, but I will admit, these dwarf warrior models from GW, could use some work.  The capes are terrible.  What should be a the backside of a cape is solid plastic.  They don’t look terrible, but the could be better.  I have read that a new dwarf books could be here in January 2014.  We will see.  It has been 7 years since the last book in 2006.  I will work on this.  I will finish this.  Will I get to play?  I don’t know.

Last night I got together with another local painter and we painted at Haunted Games Cafe in Ft. Collins.  I planned to finish up some stuff for my Dreadfleet game (and about 70% done with it), but I left it all at home.  Luckily, I had my Blood Bowl team with me.  I am still not very happy with the models, but I worked on the trollslayers last night, and I am least liking my paint job on those.  You know you are a dwarf fan when you are shading a dwarf butt-crack. 😀
The upcoming holiday, I have a few days home alone.  I hope to get some painting done and excavate under the stairs and organize all my mini stuff under there.  Also, today I should be receiving my shipment of Bones from Reaper.  Many, many minis headed my way.

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How to Make Lava

I watch and read a lot of tutorials, but this one I really liked. I have no need for any lava bases, but if I do, I am going to give this method a try.

Good tutorial here.

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First Attempts at Gold NMM

This weekend, and a bit tonight, I attempted my first NMM.  Below you will see the pictures.  I am not entirely displeased with the effort.  Of course, compared to my fellow local painters, it is just crap, but you have to start somewhere.  I know, in this case, my paint, many times, was way to watery, thus causing the paint to be a bit chalky.  This does look decent at tabletop level.  The contrast is not there, and the blending needs work (plus the base color is a tad splotchy).  Of course, like all minis except those very top level ones, looks much better from a distance and not blown-up to huge proportions like this one.  I used the Scale 75 Gold NMM set, and so far I really like this paint.  This is one of the treasure chests from Super Dungeon Explore.

PS…..As I look at these pictures again, all big-like, they just look terrible.  Terrible.


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Short note here.  I am way too hard on myself.  To get better, one must practice.  One must make mistakes.  To be  a better painter, I need to paint.  I need to stop looking at all the best ones I see how there (Phil, Jen, Kris, Michael, Lili) and realize I can get there, but it takes sweet time.
Paint.  Get better.  Enjoy the hobby.

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It’s just a Blood Bowl Team

This weekend was the 2nd Saturday meetup for the CMPA. This is a bunch of great gals and guys to hang out with and paint. The talent level in this group is just astounding, and if you ever happen to go to Reaper Con (or even our local cons) they are often the teachers there. Now, from my point of view, at times it is depressing as their talent level far exceeds mine, but seeing what they can do can push me to do better. I know, like many don’t seem to, that it is really just a matter of practice, and I just need more practice. We all want to paint like the pros, but many of us just don’t paint enough to get better. I am attempting to remedy that.

This weekend I work on my Black Scorpion miniatures Blood Bow dwarf team. I really like the sculpts of these figures (minus the completely naked slayers–yes, they are anatomically correct). However, I think I am going to hold off on any other purchases from Black Scorpion. Although the sculpts are great, the casting is terrible.


I have spent at least 3 hours already cleaning and prepping this team. I thought they were in a decent amount of shape to paint, but as I painted on Saturday, I noticed how much I missed. These guys take TONS of work to clean up. I have cleaned mold lines, evened out, scraped a lot off of them, and I thought they were good. But they look crap-tastic. I had to tell myself over and over “this is just a Blood Bowl team. They are going to be played with, knocked-down, and played with. Hopefully a lot.” The aspiring artist/painter in me tells me I need to clean these more. I am not going to, because it is not just a little bit of work. It is a lot. Cleaning miniatures, for me, has always been bad. No matter how much work I put in them, after priming, after starting to paint, I find more. Always more. I know I don’t clean them as much as some, but my eyes don’t see mold lines as well as some others I guess. I need to just move on and forget the mold lines, rough spots, but it is hard.

Tonight, for those local reading this, at Haunted Games Cafe in Ft. Collins we will be meeting and painting at 6:00 PM. I hope to see some people out there. Remember, everyone can paint, everyone can get better, there is always someone better than you, and everyone can improve. Just have fun!

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This past Tuesday, I received and/or bought quite a few items for painting. I received my order from http://www.coloradominiatures.com of the following:

From Scale 75:

NMM Gold Paint Set — ready for both airbrush and paintbrush. I am hoping it will help me learn to do some NMM. However, first I need to get better at blending.
NMM Steel Paint Set
Kitty Reimer — the Kitty Reimer model, first off, was in metal. I did not expect that. Second, my wife didn’t hate it as much as I though she would. Thirdly, she is going to be a pain in the ass to put together. Her head and torso are fine, but the rest of her dress is quite heavy and dry fitting it last night, it was not a good fit, and I could not see anywhere that it could easily be pinned. I will put up some pictures later this week I think.

Also, from my FLGs, Haunted Games Cafe, I bought the following:

Axis Gorillas from Dust Tactics (I just liked the models and they were on clearance)
And in that glare, Rasputina from Wyrd miniatures. I really like that model, and although I don’t play Malifaux (would like too though), I just want to paint her up. I do have a crew of The Guild that I will get too someday. So many projects!


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HMGS Inc. Hobby University

Recently, on Facebook, HMGS Inc. Hobby University  (https://www.facebook.com/HMGSHobbyU) ran a contest to win a Hangar 18 photo backdrop (http://www.hangar18miniatures.com/).  Amazingly, I won.  I was quite excited as these photo backdrops are quite nice.  I have the pleasure to know the folks who run Hangar 18, and I actually have one of their backdrops. I tried the new one out tonight, and it appears that it actually might be the better backdrop for miniature display. The other backdrop is fine, but this one, being dark, seems to “bring out” the mini a bit more. See below:

Mini with the new backdrop

Mini with the new backdrop

What do you think? I will switch between the two for sure. My other backdrop (featured in the other pictures on this blog) is a bit larger. However, I like both. Once again thanks to HMGS Inc. Hobby University and Hangar 18.

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Current WIPs

Last post of this evening.  Here are my current WIPs.

First, some Dreadfleet sails.  These are hard to do.  Lots of little details and many colors.  They are looking better as time goes on, but they are quite time consuming.  I really want to get these done, but I am distracted by other things.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA








Next up is my current display piece. Very little has been done on him, but I am going to try a couple new things with him. First, with the legs, I think I am going to attempt NMM for the first time. His legs have a current basecoat for a steel NMM. His upper body, which currently is jade, is being setup for some weathering effect using the “salt technique.” I need to coat him a couple more times, maybe darken the green a tad more, and then I will salt him up, and work on a copper NMM on him. He will be a challenge to say the least. I don’t know if my skillset is ready for NMM yet, but you can’t learn it if you don’t do it.


He is my first “finecast” mini, and so far, its not too bad. My only complaint right now is that he is very delicate, and removing the mold lines (which always seems to appear and grow after priming and painting) has been harder than expected as I don’t want to break him. Plus, I keep missing lines.

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Ghengis Con Entry

Here is the entry I made for Ghengis Con 2013 in diorama divison.   I did not place, but I know why.  This really is just an overly elaborate base, and does not really “tell” any story.  It does to me, but the average person doesn’t “see” a story here.  Regardless though I got in an entry–that alone is a win in my book.  There are a lot of things I want to improve on this base.  Should I?  Or should I just leave it as it is as a historic piece to look upon as I improve more and more as I paint more?



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Final Shots of Avatars of War Dwarf Lord

Here are some better shots I made of my dwarf lord from the Avatars of War line.  Overall, I am happy with him, but as many artists do, I only see the flaws and what I want to fix/improve.



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